The purpose is to properly prepare the boys and girls for their upcoming season and use the europian model as a learning opportunity to get ahead and gain a huge advantage over their peers.

  • We will focus on player development, which means more fundamental training than games. Practice is a huge factor in getting better, not playing a lot of games with no improvement.

  • We’ll practice twice a week for 1.5hrs, which will consist of court work and strength training.

  • Homework will be provided and must be followed in order to see significant improvement from the players.

  • We’ll participate in one tournament per month, nothing more and nothing less than that.

    • Games will be mainly on Saturdays.

    • Scheduling could be tough because some Sundays are a factor for these tournaments when scheduling.

    • July will be a Saturday and Sunday tournament. No one-day tournaments are available.


Practice Days/Times


We will practice at Jubilee Academy, located at 3711 Shoreline Dr, Austin, TX 78728. Our practice days and times are as follows.

  • Sundays from 6p-7:30p

  • Fridays from 7p-8:30p


We’re hoping to practice during the week once the school year finishes, but other teams practice there as well. I will keep you in the loop.


What Can I Expect For My Child This Season


You can expect top-notch We will implement the following topics this season to enhance the girls' knowledge in basketball, but more importantly God's Word.

  • Skills Covering

    • Ball-handling

    • Offensive Footwork

    • Triple-Threat

    • Shooting Form

    • Offensive Moves

    • Drills for Speed, Agility, and Quickness

    • One-on-One Moves

    • Defensive Stance

    • Defensive Footwork

  • IQ

    • Man Offense

    • Zone Offense

    • Man Defense

    • Zone Defense

    • Defensive Press

  • Character Building

    • Discussion Topics

      • Importance of Honoring Parents

      • Importance of Respecting Authority

      • Importance of Respecting Peers

      • Importance of Academic

      • Importance of Positive Thinking

      • Importance of Skill Development


Who Will Be Coaching The Teams?


I will coach to ensure there is true skill development with all of the boys and girls.


Your daughter will have experienced coaching and thorough skills development that is needed in today's game. Practices will be intense and the girls will need to be attentive and willing to give 100% effort at every practice and game.


Will There Be Good Players On Each Team?


We will promote our tryouts and also advertise our teams while we form each grade level. We believe that we will have a special group of high school boys and girls with talent and ability to compete this spring/summer. Again, our goal if the improve your daughter(s) fundamental skills in the game of basketball. We will, however, look to compete against the good talent in our area and in San Antonio.


If families are pleased with this coming season, I will look to slowly grow my program to compete and help these young athletes play collegiately...if they so desire. Our process is taking small steps, then taking bigger steps once we've conquered the smaller ones.​​

What Are The Financial Details?


  • Coaching fee will be included, divided amongst each team/player.

  • We will only carry a maximum of 10 players to ensure that is plenty of playing time and growth on the court.

  • Each player pays $750 to participate in the pilot program

  • Could be a bit more if we do not have 10 players per team.

  • A $250 down payment is required to secure your spot and begin the uniform order and court rental payment process. There will be two additional payment due April 1st and May 1st to complete the process.


What Does My $750 Cover?

  • Practice Court Rental

  • Tournament Team Fees

  • Reversible Uniform and Shooting Shirt

  • Insurance Provided By AAU

  • FCAA Profile (for the year)

    • Communicate with college coaches you’re interested in playing for.

      • Learning which college is the right fit for you.

    • Earn Points For Playing Sports, which turns into money when you graduate from high school. This only applies to private colleges.

    • Receive The Best Nutritional Plans on the planet

    • Posting your highlight videos and keeping them updated.

  • Coaches Stipend


If you are strongly interested in participating in this summer, please complete the registration form below and secure your spot with a $250 down payment. The payment link will be provided once you submit your registration. If you know of any other families that are looking for a great opportunity and may be interested, please pass this along. Again, I’m taking 10 serious boys and 10 serious girls looking to take their skills to the next level.




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